New Age Reno Vietnamese Cuisine

Creazian brings new age Vietnamese cuisine to Midtown and downtown Reno. Vietnamese cuisine is influenced by major cultures at an international level. By meddling international ingredients, Creazian creates traditional dishes that push the boundaries of custom and bring new age flair to the max. Creazian personalizes each plate to pair with a Vietnamese craft mixology program to create an unforgettable experience for every guest.

Reno Vietnamese Strips Formalities

Growing up in Vietnam, Creazian proprieter, Liem, discovered a passion for food while cooking with his mother. As a restauranteur, Liem has achieved his dream of bringing traditional, upscale Vietnamese cuisine to the biggest little city. Creazian is his interpretation of just that. By stripping the formalities of dining, the focus is on quality food and excellent service in a warm, casual and refined ambience.

At Creazian, high-quality food and entertainment blend for a unique experience. Re-energize midweek with an untraditional meeting space or unwind with jazz and cocktails Friday night. Whatever the mood, Creazian will define it.